The Client

Hydra-Tek was founded by Brian Billington who along with Mark Riley have over 40 years of experience in the hydraulic and heavy equipment repair industry. They have worked with numerous businesses in the St. Louis area which has afforded them the knowledge and understanding needed to work successfully and get results. Now they use this knowledge and experience to provide high quality work at affordable prices.

The Need

Brain came to us knowing what his goal was, but wasn’t sure how to tell their story. We helped them develop their business plan and path to success. Being able to design a cohesive brand and logo is key to truly reflect the culture and ethos of the company. Once that was established, we were able to also develop tools and resources to help facilitate the goal of generating leads and driving sales

Marketing Consulting


We provided Hydra-Tek with their Logo, business cards, custom business forms, brochures, informative website and social media set-up and integration. In order for them to maintain and update these tools they use OCCAM Online – Managed Services. Being an ongoing part of the Hydra-Tek team allows us to grow and expand their resources as needed. With all of these tools at their disposal, they are now able to share their story, keep in touch with existing clients and bring in new customers.
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