The Business Me

I have worked for nearly 20 years in Marketing and Advertising as a Creative Professional. I now use those skills as an independent entrepreneur. I help you create online Sales and Marketing solutions so that you can stay focused on what you do best! My services range from website design and development to setting up marketing strategies or merely creating the media to support your campaigns. Additionally, I provide online management, and training services to help you keep your sales funnel and workflows moving.

The Artistic Me

I have enjoyed a lifetime of Artistic Endeavour! BECAUSE! I don’t approach creativity in terms of good or bad but in terms of what I want to accomplish. So when I want to learn a new art form I just do and focus on achieving the goals I set. I believe you should use everything and not limit yourself; I see the hard times as the growing times and the fertilizer for new creativity! Just this year, 2019, I started “My Music Marathon,” a 52-week challenge to write a song a week as well as other musical goals I am working toward!

Things, Stuff, Bits & Bobs


It was a great pleasure to work with Gloria Buckman of Gloria Buckman Creative on the ApartmentSource.US project for The Michaelson Organization. For this site we set up WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). From there we implemented a property management...

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aWAREness Insights Website

It has been my pleasure over the past few months to work again with someone who is doing something very interesting and doing it to help people out. I have known John Ware for a number of years now having worked with Enterprise Bank & Trust where he used to be employed and I now have the honor of working with him on aWAREness Insights his professional counseling service.

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Corporate Express & Sendouts

While at Corporate Express & Staples Promotional Products I worked as senior web designer and UI designer responsible for the design and UI development of over 120 online eCommerce stores. Many of the customers I interacted with were  Fortune 500 companies. My...

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