Through my company BlumenKRAFT Design,
I provide in Depth Brand Strategies, Impactful Creative Media, and Online Automation solutions that empower your sales and marketing teams.

I take the burden off of you when it comes to knowing how to navigate marketing and the online world. Even though like myself you may have a broad understanding of things and how they work; your time is better spent doing what you do to bring value to your customers. I help you by giving you the tools and resources you need to communicate in a highly effective manner. Together we outline and automate processes as well as develop the resources necessary to make those campaigns work.


Brand management systems are no longer just online repositories.

In today’s ever-changing market brands require tools different than simple file repositories. From the localization of brand assets to global guideline rolls, brand management systems need to be diverse enough to handle the growing challenges of global businesses.

BlumenKRAFT has built its Brand Management System offering with a fundamental rethinking of what we deliver from a systems perspective; We help you stay in touch with the ever-changing ways brands are interacting with customers.

We help businesses and organizations move past storing assets and into the building and managing of their brands globally.

Brand experiences focus as much on connections between touch points as the touch points themselves. Design that optimizes the journey and your customer’s needs and goals makes true touchpoints and channels not just a destination but a connected journey.

Connected experiences also create differentiation in a world of choice: helping to convert brand strategy into experiences that offer something unique and memorable to drive demand and loyalty.



WE ARE Strategic Planners & Producers – We create Branded Marketing Communication solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and manage the process, so you are free to do what you do best. We research, plan, and discover what we need to know to better help you:

• plan your marketing goals and activities
• plan for online integration, workflows, and automation
• manage online resources

We develop rigorous and inspiring creative strategies and recommendations that address your business and brand experience goals.

Creative strategy fuses insight and transformational thinking to determine the character and tone of a brand, as well as drivers of relevance and differentiation.



It’s no surprise that the conflict among Design and Development isn’t just only a conflict between individuals who do distinctive work – it’s a conflict between two different ways of approaching issues inside given imperatives.

By becoming your one point of contact for design and development, We help solve the need for clear and consistent branding and brand building. That is to say; we help businesses better communicate the value they provide to their clients and customers. We handle the technical work allowing you to do what you do best!



WE ARE Creative Professionals. We provide high-quality creative solutions. We do this through a clearly defined strategy backed by Project Management, Design, Development, and Media Production which allows us to help you better fulfill your Sales & Marketing Goals & Expectations.

There are many examples of CREATIVE SERVICES in the world today. In all truth, Creative Services are work products that require substantial creativity. These include any services where the value of work varies significantly according to the talent of the individuals who create it.

We provide the Following Creative Services




With the emergence of companies like Zapier, online automation has never been so efficient.

We provide easy automation for you by utilizing companies and programs like Zapier to quickly move information between your web apps automatically; This allows you to stay focused on your most important work.



We help you build and implements your Brand solutions. Then we provide services to help keep those solutions up and running!

From coding and program updates to troubleshooting problems, and updating content, we help you keep your Brand Engine running smoothly. Through the use of ZOOM and GoToMeeting, we can work hand-in-hand with you to solve your technical and systems problems. We help you communicate better with Tech-Support and Service Providers.

Ultimately we are BRAND BUILDERS and BRAND MANAGERS here to provide you valuable, high-quality service that comes from over 20 years experience in the Branding, Marketing, and Advertising sector.


Our Concierge Consulting program is a way for us to bring you high-quality work on a regular and consistent basis and at 50% off our standard hourly rate. There are multiple levels of Concierge Consulting, and we provide these services to companies with an on-going need.

With our Concierge Consulting Program, you will have a virtual Strategic Partner that is always available and ready to take on helping you solve your Branding, Marketing, Creative, and Online issues.

The Concierge Program is offered to our clients who need 6 or more hours of work a month.
Each agreement is set for a term of no less than three months. Once the pre-determined period has ended, you can start another engagement or move into our Trusted Partners category which means you stay at the 50% rate as long as you have billable hours with us. Once a Trusted Partner has moved beyond three months without billable hours the rate returns to the full amount.

Specialty Engagements
By contracted agreement based on the work to be done. Contact me for special rates.

Single Engagements
Single Engagements are billed at $150 an hour.

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