It is very enjoyable being an online professional! Through the years I have had the opportunity to experience, learn and work with many technologies, tools, companies and people. These experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and ability to be able to plan, execute and manage many online solutions.


Since starting my career as an online professional, I have worked hard to understand the business and technology and most importantly the people. This comes from what I learned while in the military as well as teaching over the years and has always been a valuable skill.

I have worked and progressed over the years in my profession just as technology has progressed. This has given me a greater understanding of online systems and how they work together. It has also allowed me to develop many skills and abilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Proposal Writing
  • Online Marketing & Business Development
  • Web Hosting – Planning & Implementation
  • Website Development – Planning & Implementation
  • Website Design – UI/UX – Functionality – Usability
  • Online Business Development – Integration of Online Assets
  • Online Marketing – Creating and Tracking Online Campaigns
  • Online Advertising – Implementation of Marketing Campaigns
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design – Planning, Branding & Design
  • Managed Services and Online Maintenance
    • Content Creation
    • Social Media Management & Integration
    • Management of online advertising campaigns
    • Online Analytics Tracking
    • Search Engine Optimization

Other Background Information


My career with the Military was for 8 years as an Aeromedical Specialist. The military discipline and structured environment helped me thrive and learn how to work with a team to get things done no matter what the goal. I also finished my degree in Allied Health Science and became an instructor/adjunct instructor for: the Air Force, City Colleges of Chicago, The National Registry of EMT’s (Course Director/Instructor), as well as The American Heart Association (Instructor Trainer – ACLS,BLS,PALS).


After being Honorably Discharged from the military, I continued to work in the medical field as well as some management jobs and a few entrepreneurial pursuits while working on finishing my degree in design & marketing. Immediately upon graduation, I was picked up by the schools Center For Visual Technology (in a two year design program at St Louis Community College at Meramec)as Adjunct Faculty to teach Web Design, Graphic Design and Online Development classes and seminars. A year later I was invited to teach Web Design at Maryville University. I have continued working in education part time since

What I Do Now

The ORCA Partnership – Art Director 2003-2006
(also through contract with OCCAM online Consulting)

  • Brought in initially to create an Online Creative Department.
  • Developed Hosting and Client Solution plans as well as implementing and managing all online projects.
  • Responsible for the creation of many proposals and development plans for more complex client presentations.
    • Audio Production
    • Video Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Print Production
    • Packaging
    • Materials Sourcing

Sendouts – Creative Director 2006-2007

  • Online (thin client) Recruiting Software provider
    • C#
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Developed online assets for Marketing as well as production and direction of all video and audio resources such as training and marketing videos.
  • Developed online marketing strategy using ADwords and Social Media.
  • Implemented SEO protocols so that all content would be properly displayed as well as crawled by search engines.
  • Art Director/Producer for all printed marketing materials
  • Brand Manager for the Sendouts Brand

Corporate Express / Staples Promotional Products – UI/UX Developer/Art Director 2007-2010

  • Responsible for the UI/UX of over 120 stores national and international.
    • New Client Design & Development
    • Tier3 Support for existing clients
    • Business Development new client projects/pitches Art Director
    • Content regulation, Translation for Canadian, Mexican & European websites
    • Coordinated with the Client Marketing Departments regarding client needs
    • Client Project/Needs Assessments and planning
    • Wireframing & Prototyping
    • Graphic Design, 3d Design, Video Production, Audio Production
    • Website Front end design & Development
      • ASP.NET
      • ASP Classic
      • Javascript
      • HTML
      • CSS
    • Beta Server & Usability Testing
  • Transitioned all sites to a common framework adding:
    • Ability to roll out design/development changes to all sites
    • Grid System implemented allowing for Responsive Design and a more consistent approach to individual page design and design templates.
  • On the team for the Staples Online Product Builder (Kansas City)
    • Site Design UI/UX
    • Video Production – Training Videos
    • Training Materials Design

Contract/Freelance Career 2010 – Present
(OCCAM Online Consulting / BlumenKraft Design / Kevin Ward)

The following represents all of the services that I have provided over the past 6 years to various clients as well as through long-term contract work.

  • Full Service (online & traditional) Business Development & Marketing:
    • Online & Traditional Strategies to increase:
      • Awareness
      • Leads
      • Sales
      • ROI
  • Provided Services In-House
    • Business Development – conventional and online
      • Branding
      • Value Proposition Analysis & Development
      • Production, Implementation and analytics
    • Marketing & Advertising
      • Marketing Analysis
      • Marketing Strategy & Planning
      • Advertising Planning, Implementation & Management
      • Analytics for Conventional Advertising & Promotions
    • Digital Asset Management
      • Evaluation & Integration of Tools and Resources
      • Software and Online Service – analysis and strategy
      • Cloud Server Integration
      • Secure Remote Access
      • Consolidation and organization of assets
    • Art Direction, Web Design, Marketing & Advertising
      • Branding
      • Printed Collateral
      • Audio & Video Production
        • Experience in Broadcast and Streaming requirements
        • PodCasting, VidCasting (Portable Studio)
      • Web Hosting, Email & Server Management
      • Web Site Design & Development
        (responsive mobile design considerations made with all online resources)

        • Brochureware
        • E-Commerce
        • Membership Systems
        • SEO compliant Content Creation (Copy & Design)
        • Social Media Integration & Branding
        • Security, Updates & Backups
        • eCommerce Systems – full implementation
        • Membership Systems – full implementation
        • CRM Implementation and Training
      • Content Management / Managed Services
        (SEO best practices used with all online content)

        • Editorial Content, Page Updates
        • Social Media Content & Posts
        • Web Site Updates & Maintenance
      • Online Marketing & Advertising
        • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
          • Best Practices Training & Implementation
          • Evaluation & Analysis of current content with complete report and plan to improve ranking
        • Adwords
        • Social Media Marketing
        • Backlinks & Partner Integration
        • KeyPhrase Marketing
        • eMail Marketing (custom as well as through online services)
      • Google Analytics
        • Tracking of Standard Site Metrics
        • Evaluation of Online Marketing & Advertising Activities
        • Goal Conversion Tracking
        • Sales Funnel Tracking
        • Email Marketing
    • Training
      • Training programs for all online resources
        • CMS – Content Management Systems
        • eCommerce Systems
        • Membership Systems
        • CRM Customer relationship management Tools
        • Analytics & Analysis programs & tools